Monster Myths


Writer(s): John Lupo Avanti, Chester Westward 
Artist(s): John Lupo Avanti 
Creator(s): John Lupo Avanti 
Lettering: John Lupo Avanti, BKAT FTL
Editor(s): Eddie Deighton, Benjamin Shahrabani, 
Jon Sloan, Jen McGowan

Alfredo, a recovering felon turned working stiff, resides in Lower Scabo where working-class people live under the tyranny of the evil Cannibals Motorcycle Gang. After being beaten and left for dead by the gang, Alfredo decides to recruit a group of graffiti writers to instigate a war between the riff-raff of Lower Scabo and their neighbors in the well-to-do community of Northview. In doing so, Alfredo transforms from a two-bit perp into an iconic rebel, determined to free Lower Scabo from the control of those seeking power. An over-the-top, dark comedy pitching biker gangs against cleancut, real estate developers and, in the middle, an unlikely hero stirring the pot in the hope of saving his neighborhood.
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