Codename: Babetool


Writer(s): Jose Luis Gaitan 
Artist(s): Walther Taborda 
Letterer(s): Eddie Deighton 
Creator(s): Jose Luis Gaitan 
Editor(s): Eddie Deighton

Earth: The Future - a mysterious, advanced alien race known as The Dawn have descended upon the Earth. After enslaving the entire world population and decimating every major city across the Globe, it becomes clear that it is not the Human Race they are interested in - they are searching for something else. 

The only thing standing between world extinction and The Dawn's prize is The Facade - an elite band of freedom fighters. Amongst them is a warrior called Babetool, a woman of great fighting prowess and hidden secrets locked within her subconsciousness. As this hardcore team of guerillas do battle against the opposing forces of the evil Lord Tao's regime, the purpose of the alien invasion slowly becomes evident.
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